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The Alcyone, Inc. Team is a cohesive unit comprised of experienced professionals that have provided a wide-ranging spectrum of engineering, technical, and programmatic support services to U.S. Warfare Centers over many years. The Alcyone Team is strategically positioned to offer experienced staff in the areas of engineering, scientific, programmatic, analytical, and training support for the entire life cycle of warfighting capabilities in any global location. The Alcyone team has qualifying offices in Zones 2 and 6.

The Alcyone Team is a multi-disciplinary group of industry leaders with extensive backgrounds and management experience in the U.S. Military, Technology, Research and Development, and Scientific disciplines. The same team can rely on its proven aptitude to adapt to changing and new requirements that will evolve over the life of the proposed contract.

The Alcyone Team’s capabilities fully meet U.S. Navy requirements. Based on previous performance on relevant contracts the Alcyone Team will provide many advantages to any Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Navy Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC), or other Department of Defense (DOD), non-DOD, or Joint agencies that have work related to a Warfare Center. The advantages include an experienced management team and proven project management processes, cost-effective support, vast additional resources for possible surge workload within the Alcyone Team, and the proven ability to meet Field Activity Requirements.
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