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Subject Matter Expert

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Qualifications: Masters Degree in a related discipline. 15+ years of experience in positions of increasing responsibility and complexity, at least 7 years experience must be within a MOBIS related discipline. May possess a certification in a related discipline such as Program Management Professional (PMP), DAWIA Level II or III Certification, or a similar industry certification. A Ph.D may be substituted for 2 years of experience.

Description: Senior expert with extensive knowledge and experience in one or more designated functional areas. Performs high level and complex advisory consulting work as a recognized authority in their area of expertise. Provides high level functional analysis, design, integration, documentation, and implementation advice on complex problems which require extensive knowledge of the related technical subject matter for effective implementation. Reviews and confirms proposed methodology for complex technical solutions in designated functional area. Utilizes expertise to ensure that project methodology and systems support the organizations core goals and strategic vision.

Knowledge/Experience/Skills: Subject Matter Expert is typically a former high ranking military or civilian official and recognized by industry as an expert in their specific field. Offers in-depth industry or methodological expertise at the executive level, and may be nationally recognized or highly published in their subject area of expertise. Possesses relevant, up to date knowledge of the specific government programs and initiatives and possesses the ability to transfer industry knowledge and applications to the client-specific initiative.

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